your wife's apple slop
Nicole, 19, NY, Illustration Major at Pratt Institute. I drive a Minivan named Latoya, and I'm deathly afraid of Ketchup, ........Welcome to my head........

-Sheeran-USA (on post limit)

Anonymous asked: where are you warhcing the grammys?

or course :)

-Sheeran-USA (on post limit)

Anonymous asked: did u change ur Ed blog?

Nope, I’m on post limit, this is my personal

-Sheeran-USA (on post limit)

Anonymous asked: Haha I love how much ed you have on your personal!

It’s a special night and I can’t post on sheeran-usa so desperate times call for desperate measures ;D


the-life-of-an-unknown asked: I can't handle Ed in a suit. I completely freaked when I saw him on the red carpet, my roommate is afraid of me now. The noise that came out of me was not human.

I literally pooped.

-Nicole of Sheeran-USA

This is Nicole of Sheeran-USA!!

I Hit Post Limit On the Worst possible Night to Hit Post Limit 

Bother me on here!!!

We can talk about the fuck wad


Anonymous asked: what are all of eds songs?

Here’s most but not all…


mad-i-moody-deactivated20131009 asked: i love your ed blog and this blog, please stop beign so lovely, it's making me jealous



This is

Nicole of Sheeran-USA

Come Bother me on my personal!!!  

sheeran-usa is on post limit